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SUBWAY is only the brand known by everyone because of the most visited place. This brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with a cover more than 40,000 locations around the world. You would love to eat here because they treat you well. 

They sell sub sandwiches in 2 sizes, 6 & 12 inches devoid of it known as footlongs. As we continue to growing position its like our passion to understand customers choice and we lunch new varieties in sandwiches. Although customers give wonderful feedback to us.

If you don’t like sandwiches they also served salad, wraps, baked treats, and hot & cold drinks. In the sufficient time, you will get your order like you order quickly and it’s still hot & tasty.

SUBWAY Rewards for Customers:

Subway gift

Here you are not only to eat but also get the best rewards for your purchase. So if you download the Subway app and order something and get the rewards from your purchase. You just only log in to subway app and follow the step of rewards.

SUBWAY Menu Price List:


Subway Footlongs

BLT Footlong $5.50
Big Philly Cheesesteak Footlong $8.95
Black Forest Ham Footlong $5.50
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Footlong $7.75
Chipotle Chicken Melt with Guacamole Footlong $8.25
Cold Cut Combo Footlong $5.50
Italian B.M.T. Footlong $6.75
Meatball Marinara Footlong $5.50
Oven Roasted Chicken Footlong $6.75
Pizza Sub with Cheese Footlong $5.50
Roast Beef Footlong $7.75
Spicy Italian Footlong $5.50
Steak & Cheese Footlong $7.75
Subway Club Footlong $7.75
Subway Seafood Sensation Footlong $7.00
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong $7.75
Tuna Footlong $6.75
Turkey Breast Footlong $6.75
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham Footlong $6.75
Turkey Italiano Melt Footlong $6.75
Veggie Delite Footlong $5.50
Veggie Patty Footlong $6.75
Make It A Meal – 21 oz. Fountain Drink & Side $2.50

Subway 6-inch

BLT 6-inch $3.75
Big Philly Cheesesteak 6-inch $5.50
Black Forest Ham 6-inch $3.75
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 6-inch $4.75
Chipotle Chicken Melt with Guacamole 6-inch $5.00
Cold Cut Combo 6-inch $3.75
Italian B.M.T. 6-inch $4.25
Meatball Marinara 6-inch $3.75
Oven Roasted Chicken 6-inch $4.25
Pizza Sub with Cheese 6-inch $3.75
Roast Beef 6-inch $4.75
Spicy Italian 6-inch $3.75
Steak & Cheese 6-inch $4.75
Subway Club 6-inch $4.75
Subway Seafood Sensation 6-inch $4.50
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6-inch $4.75
Tuna 6-inch $4.25
Turkey Breast 6-inch $4.25
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham 6-inch $4.25
Turkey Italiano Melt 6-inch $4.25
Veggie Delite 6-inch $3.75
Veggie Patty 6-inch $4.50
Make It A Meal – 21 oz. Fountain Drink & Side   $2.50

Subway Sides

Apple Slices Bag $1.50
Chips Bag $1.10
Cookie 1 $0.65
Cookies 3 $1.70
Cookies 12 $6.00

Subway Salads

BLT   $6.00
Big Philly Cheesesteak   $7.50
Black Forest Ham   $6.00
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt   $6.00
Chipotle Chicken with Guacamole   $7.50
Cold Cut Combo   $6.00
Double Chicken   $7.50
Italian B.M.T.   $6.00
Meatball Marinara   $6.00
Oven Roasted Chicken   $6.00
Pizza Sub with Cheese   $6.00
Roast Beef   $6.00
Spicy Italian   $6.00
Steak & Cheese   $6.00
Subway Club   $6.00
Subway Seafood Sensation   $6.00
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki   $6.00
Tuna   $6.00
Turkey Breast   $6.00
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham   $6.00
Turkey Italiano   $6.00
Veggie Delite   $5.00
Veggie Patty   $6.00

Subway Drinks

Coffee 12 oz. $1.60
Coffee 16 oz. $1.80
Fountain Soft Drink 21 oz. $1.60
Fountain Soft Drink 30 oz. $1.80
Fountain Soft Drink 40 oz. $2.00
1% Milk Bottle $1.60
Dasani Water Bottle $1.80
Minute Maid Juice Bottle $1.80

Subway Breakfast

Bacon, Egg & Cheese 6-inch Flatbread or Subs $4.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese 12-inch Flatbread or Subs $5.50
Black Forrest Ham, Egg & Cheese 6-inch Flatbread or Subs $4.00
Black Forrest Ham, Egg & Cheese 12-inch Flatbread or Subs $5.50
Egg & Cheese Omelet 6-inch Flatbread or Subs $4.00
Egg & Cheese Omelet 12-inch Flatbread or Subs $5.50
Steak, Egg & Cheese 6-inch Flatbread or Subs $4.00
Steak, Egg & Cheese 12-inch Flatbread or Subs $5.50
Add Avocado 6-inch $0.75
Add Avocado 12-inch $1.50
Hash Browns   $1.10

Subway Kids

Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast or Veggie Delite Subs

Kids Meal   $4.50

Subway Soups

Beef Chili with Beans   $2.50
Black Bean   $2.50
Broccoli Cheddar   $2.50
Creamy Chicken & Dumplings   $2.50
Homestyle Chicken Noodle   $2.50
Loaded Baked Potato with Bacon   $2.50
Poblano Corn Chowder   $2.50
Tomato Basil   $2.50

Subway Personal Pizzas

Cheese or Veggie Pizza Personal $5.50
Add Extra Cheese   $0.50
Add Bacon   $0.50
Add Pepperoni   $0.50

Subway Extras

Bacon Salad or 6-inch $0.75
Bacon Footlong $1.50
Pepperoni Salad or 6-inch $0.75
Pepperoni Footlong $1.50
Avocado Salad or 6-inch $0.75
Avocado Footlong $1.50
Double Meat Salad or 6-inch $1.50
Double Meat Footlong $3.00
Extra Cheese Salad or 6-inch $0.30
Extra Cheese Footlong $0.60

SUBWAY History:

In the year of 1965, the first Subway sandwich store opened in Bridgeport by Fred Deluca and Peter Buck. Dr. Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist, wanted to change the life of college students with a few important words, “Let’s open a submarine sandwich shop.” He just took $1000 to open their first sandwich store and today’s they get touch the sky of success in billions.

Because of sandwiches popularity, their brand going to grow but still their taste is the same as the people love to eat with their worth cost. So in the result of their success, they open up so many fast food store to cover up 40000 locations in their Great achievement of success.

SUBWAY Gift Card:

Subway gift card

Here Subway fast food brand gives you an opportunity to get gift cards. Whatever the print you wanted it just take few 2 business days and they send you via mail address. Buy this card you can get rewards of it so you can manage your account balance here.

By using your Subway card for purchases only get the rewards. So Hurry to get the Subway Card by click here

SUBWAY Catering:

Subway Catering facilities

Subway always care for you So they give you additional catering facilities. In your family or business function, they deliver your order as soon as possible by just your one call booking.

For any events they provide you flavorful, delicious all-new signature wrap platters, piled-high Sub platters, giant subs built from the bread up, freshly bakes cookies, drinks dessert and many more. want to know more details about catering menu click here.

SUBWAY Visit & Feedback:

Whenever you visit any located subway fast food restaurant you will be surprised to see their warm welcoming by their professional staff. and you salute them definitely by their impressive responses.

Millions of people love to visit here and give their feedback. so I also request to here please you can also share your thoughts suggestions or advise in our comment box. so just take a minute and give your precious response to us by click this link – Or if you think you want to know more about Subway carrer details or many more visit this official site –  

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