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Hello Guys, Most of the people are very foody they love to eat outside mostly. The burger is one of the best food which people most required to eat.

But All restaurant have their unique taste. So here the most famous Burger restaurant name I suggest you make your taste better. Smash Burger fast food Restaurant.

Smash Burger is an American restaurant where the price is so affordable according to their delicious taste. Not only Smash burger but along with they serves Smash Burger Sandwiches, Smash Burger Veggie Burger, Smash Burger Chicken, Fried, Salad, Sides, kids Meal, Milkshake, Beverages any many more extra items included in the Smash Burger Menu Prices.

Here I describe in this article very point to point description which helps you to understand & make the sure effect on your decision to visit @ Smash Burger restaurant.

Below table chart of Smashburger Menu with their new price list.

Smashburger Menu with Prices:

Food Size Price


Colorado Burger Regular $6.29
Colorado Burger Big $7.29
Local Name Burger Regular $6.29
Local Name Burger Big $7.29
Classic Smash Regular $4.99
Classic Smash Big $5.99
Avocado Club Burger Regular $6.29
Avocado Club Burger Big $7.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Regular $6.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Big $7.29
BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar Burger Regular $6.29
BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar Burger Big $7.29
Buffalo & Blue Cheese Burger Regular $6.29
Buffalo & Blue Cheese Burger Big $7.29
Spicy Jalapeno Baja Burger Regular $6.29
Spicy Jalapeno Baja Burger Big $7.29
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Burger Regular $6.29
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Burger Big $7.29
Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger Regular $6.29
Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger Big $7.29
Create Your Own Burger Regular $4.99
Create Your Own Burger Big $5.99

Smashburger Veggie Burger

Colorado Black Bean Burger   $6.39
Local Name Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Classic Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Avocado Ranch Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Avocado Club Black Bean Burger   $5.99
BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Buffalo & Blue Cheese Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Spicy Jalapeno Baja Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Truffle Mushroom Swiss Black Bean Burger   $5.99
Create Your Own Black Bean Burger   $5.99

Smashburger  Chicken

Colorado Chicken   $7.29
Local Name Chicken   $7.29
Classic Chicken   $6.29
Avocado Club Chicken   $7.29
BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar Chicken   $7.29
Buffalo & Blue Cheese Chicken   $7.29
Spicy Jalapeno Baja Chicken   $7.29
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Chicken   $7.29
Truffle Mushroom Swiss Chicken   $7.29
Create Your Own Chicken   $6.29

Smashburger  Fries & Sides

French Fries Regular $1.99
French Fries Large $2.99
Sweet Potato Fries Regular $2.29
Sweet Potato Fries Large $3.49
SmashFries Regular $1.99
SmashFries Large $2.99
Sweet Potato SmashFries Regular $2.29
Sweet Potato SmashFries Large $3.49
Spicy Buffalo Fries Regular $2.29
Spicy Buffalo Fries Large $3.49
Haystack Onions   $2.29
Veggie Frites   $2.99
Side Garden Salad   $2.99
Fried Pickles   $2.99

Smashburger  Salads

Harvest Salad (No Chicken)   $5.99
Harvest Crispy or Grilled Chicken Salad   $7.99
Classic Cobb Salad (No Chicken)   $5.99
Classic Cobb Crispy or Grilled Chicken Salad   $7.99
Baja Cobb Salad (No Chicken)   $5.99
Baja Cobb Crispy or Grilled Chicken Salad   $7.99
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Salad (No Chicken)   $5.99
Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Crispy or Grilled Chicken Salad   $7.99

Smashburger  Kids Meals

Kids Smash   $5.29
Chicken Strips   $5.29
Hot Dog   $5.29
Grilled Cheese   $5.29

Smashburger  Milkshakes

Vanilla Shake   $3.99
Chocolate Shake   $3.99
Strawberry Shake   $3.99
Oreo Shake   $4.29
Chocolate Oreo Shake   $4.29
Butterfinger Shake   $4.29
Nutter Butter Shake   $4.29
Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake   $4.29
Salted Caramel Shake   $4.29
Ooey Gooey Shake   $4.29

Smashburger  Beverages

Fountain Drink or Iced Tea 22 oz. $1.99
Fountain Drink or Iced Tea 32 oz. $2.19
Bottled Water   $1.99
Kids Horizon Organic Milk   $1.49
Kids Horizon Chocolate Milk   $1.49
Kids Honest Organic Apple Juice   $1.29

Smashburger Gift Cards:

Smashburger gift cards

Smashburger gives you an opportunity to buy gift card by introducing best burger of Smashburger. You can also check the balance of the gift card.

You just log in and follow the steps they given just click here.

Smashburger Location:

Smashburger locations

You can find Smashburger Near to you for visit or give online order at your door. Very easy to search the perfect address just click here. The map will give you the direction and distance from your nearest Smashburger restaurant.

Smashburger Club For Rewards:

Smashburger rewards

Smashburger having rewards for you so Hurry to get the rewards on your purchase. They calculate $1 spent = 1 point earned it means 100points = $10 Reward to your account. 

Your entree is free if the purchase of side and beverages upon the joining time. To join and read more details about rewards click here.

Smashburger History:

Smashburger is specialized for the burger. The restaurant founded in the year of 2007 in Denver, Colorado. The restaurant started by Tom Ryan and Rick Schaden.

They noticed the customers problems with the food and by changing the method of cooking they growing within the year. Within 9 years, the people see the success over the world and the smashing method of food people loved it.

Smashburger has done amazing work with the help of their staff and today they open more than 300 restaurants in 32 states and 5 countries and still they continue to expand.

Smashburger Nutrition Customizer:

Smashburger shows you the best ingredients used by them and the quality of food and information about calories in the food. You may read all details related the food open the below link.

Smashburger Nutrition

Smashburger Reference Link:

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Official Website

Smashburger Contact Us:

Smashburger contact

You can see the below image it helps you if you wanted to contact Smashburger You need to fill this important details for any question or queries in your mind.  You can give the reason for contact in comment box they will reply you on your email. For contact click here.

Smashburger Customer Review:

Here before I finished this article I would like to tell you that I describe all menu and prices by taking research and official site will help to make this article perfect. Although, I request your price may be changed by locations so vary by locations. If you think our article beneficial for you and you like it Please give your suggestion or precious feedback to us in our comment box just click here for comment.

Thanks For the visit.

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