Pollo Campero Menu Prices

Hello guys, Are you searching for the best Chicken flavored fast food? Here I came to introduced with an amazing fast food restaurant name Pollo Campero stated in the USA.

They cover up 15 countries. This restaurant is specialized for Chicken based latin meals come in larger sizes for the entire family. Pollo Compero Menu Prices are relevant to other chicken fast food restaurant.

Pollo Compero specials menu gives you special taste with the coupons benefits. So you can also find chicken bites, empanadas, sandwiches, chicken bowls, kid’s meals, and sides and another menu you will find here.

Pollo Campero presents Nutrition chart It can help you to understand the food details I consider in this post. So without taking your more time to let’s bounce up in the below table and other important aspects to explain here. 

Pollo Campero Menu Prices:


Pollo Campero Chicken Meals Menu Prices

Meal Includes Tortilla or Dinner Roll and One Side

Fried Meal (Dark) 2 Pc. $4.99
Fried Meal (White) 2 Pc. $5.99
Grilled Meal (Dark) 2 Pc. $4.99
Grilled Meal (White) 2 Pc. $5.99
Fried Meal (Dark) 3 Pc. $6.29
Fried Meal (White) 3 Pc. $6.99
Grilled Meal (Dark) 3 Pc. $6.29
Grilled Meal (White) 3 Pc. $6.99
Half Chicken Meal $8.99

Pollo Campero Chicken Bites Menu Prices

Camperitos 5 Pc. $2.99
Camperitos – Meal 5 Pc. $4.99
Camperitos 30 Pc. $14.99

Pollo Campero Chicken Bowls Menu Prices

Traditional Fried Bowl $5.99
Pulled Chicken Bowl $5.99

Pollo Campero Latin Sides Menu Prices

Individual Side $1.99
Individual Signature Side $2.29
Large Side $3.79
Large Signature Side $4.29

Pollo Campero Latin Desserts Menu Prices

Cuatro Leches Cake $2.99
Caramel Flan $1.99

Pollo Campero Family Feasts Menu Prices

Fried Feast (Dark) 8 Pc. $16.99
Fried Feast (Mixed) 8 Pc. $19.99
Grilled Feast (Dark) 8 Pc. $16.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed) 8 Pc. $19.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark) 8 Pc. $16.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed) 8 Pc. $19.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark) 12 Pc. $23.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed) 12 Pc. $28.99
Fried Feast (Dark) 12 Pc. $23.99
Fried Feast (Mixed) 12 Pc. $28.99
Grilled Feast (Dark) 12 Pc. $23.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed) 12 Pc. $28.99
Fried Feast (Dark) 16 Pc. $30.49
Fried Feast (Mixed) 16 Pc. $35.99
Grilled Feast (Dark) 16 Pc. $30.49
Grilled Feast (Mixed) 16 Pc. $35.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark) 16 Pc. $30.49
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed) 16 Pc. $35.99
Fried Feast (Dark) 20 Pc. $35.99
Fried Feast (Mixed) 20 Pc. $39.99
Grilled Feast (Dark) 20 Pc. $35.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed) 20 Pc. $39.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark) 20 Pc. $35.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed) 20 Pc. $39.99

Pollo Campero Empanadas Menu Prices

Empanada 1 Pc. $1.59
Empanadas 3 Pc. $5.99
Empanadas 6 Pc. $9.54
Empanadas 12 Pc. $18.48

Pollo Campero Sandwiches Menu Prices

Single Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Single Crispy Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Meal $6.98
Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Meal $6.98

Pollo Campero Drinks Menu Prices

Soda Regular $1.89
Soda Large $2.19
Jamaica Regular $2.19
Jamaica Large $2.59
Tamarindo Regular $2.19
Tamarindo Large $2.59
Horchata Regular $2.19
Horchata Large $2.59
Guava Regular $2.19
Guava Large $2.59
Bottled Water $1.69

Pollo Campero Kid’s Meals Menu Prices

Kids 3 Camperitos Meal $3.99
Drumstick Meal $3.99

Pollo Campero Locations:

There are so many Pollo Campero restaurant locations stated in the USA. So here I make it easy for you to finding out nearest located Pollo Campero.

So just a few steps to apart from your location. Open the below link and enter your city name, state name or zip code. The map will show you the perfect details about it.


Pollo Campero Nutrition:

Pollo Campero has made up a nutrition chart for their guests to get the complete knowledge about the food.

It might be necessary for every one to get this information about nutrition because if they are following a diet chart.

So browse the below link and find the details about fat, calories, cholesterol, sodium, fiber and many more details related to food include in this Nutrition Chart.

Nutrition Info

Pollo Campero Franchise:

If you wanted to get Pollo Campero Franchise, You can apply for it by registering your form submission. They want that persons who can get Franchise so they hand over the responsibility and the decision power.

If you are interested, you need to read every terms & condition and fill up the application form giving in the below link.


Pollo Campero Careers:

Pollo Career

Pollo Campero offers to recruitment for that persons how to have the potential towards the work and having the ability to show us. We love to hire that person and take consideration their application.

So when they required they will inform you. But first, you need to submit application form given in the below link.  


Pollo Campero History:

Since 1971, Pollo Campero was founded in Guatemala by a Businessman, Dionisio Gutierrez Gutierrez. So Currently they open up 300 locations over the world in 15 countries. So if you are looking for a chicken based meal that ranges from 2 pieces to as many as 20 pieces.

You can enjoy your family meal under $20. So take a visit and share your experience with us.

Pollo Campero Feedback: 

Please share your experience about your last visit @ Pollo Campero. So you can drop your msg on our social site as well as the official site.

If any question raises in your mind you can free feel to ask them. They will stay connected and tried to give your answer ASAP. 

Or if any idea in your mind you can tell us what is going in your mind.

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