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You may eat so many dishes But nonother than Italian dishes beat any dishes. You may try at once the Best Italian dishes I here suggest You the name of Fazoli’s Food and their price may be significant from others because its food is so pleasant. Here I present Fazoli’s Menu Prices Chart.

You will definitely satisfied with their food of price I gave here. Including more than that The most Famous Pizza and Pasta they also served sub sandwiches called Submarinos, a wide variety of family meals, kids meals, fresh salad bowls, and lighter options under 500 calories.

You may love the Article I present here because here You will get the details of Nutrition facts, Fazoli’s Menu and Prices, Fazoli’s near the location, Fazoli’s Lunch, Fazoli’s Breakfast, Fazoli’s Contact details too.

Fazoli’s Menu With Prices Chart:

Food Size Price

Fazoli’s Fresh Pasta Menu Price

Combo Meal Includes Small Drink & Side Salad or Pizza Slice

Build Your Pasta Bowl $5.99
Ravioli $6.49
Tortellini $6.49
Baked Spaghetti $6.49
Baked Ziti $6.49
Twice-Baked Lasagna $6.99
Twice-Baked Lasagna – Combo $9.98
Chicken Parmigiano $6.99
Chicken Parmigiano – Combo $9.98
Penne with Creamy Basil Chicken $6.99
Penne with Creamy Basil Chicken – Combo $9.98
Penne Romano $6.99
Penne Romano – Combo $9.98
Chicken Broccoli Penne Bake $6.99
Chicken Broccoli Penne Bake – Combo $9.98
Chicken Carbonara $6.99
Chicken Carbonara – Combo $9.98
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce $5.99
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce – Combo $8.98
Fettuccine Alfredo $5.99
Fettuccine Alfredo – Combo $8.98
Three-Cheese Tortellini Alfredo (Limited Time) $7.49
Ultimate Spaghetti (Limited Time) $7.49
Ultimate Fettuccine (Limited Time) $7.49
Top It (Italian Meatballs, Roasted Chicken, Broccoli, Bacon or Italian Sausage) $1.49

Fazoli’s Pizza Menu Price

Cheese Pizza Whole Pie $10.99
Cheese Pizza Double Slices $4.99
Pepperoni Pizza Whole Pie $10.99
Pepperoni Pizza Double Slices $4.99

Fazoli’s Fresh Salad Bowls Menu Price

Italian Deli Trio $6.99
Chicken Bacon Caesar $6.99
Mediterranean $6.99
Harvest Apple & Walnut $6.99
House Side Salad $2.29
Caesar Side Salad $2.29

Fazoli’s Family Meals Menu Price

Includes Family Salad & 8 Breadsticks. Serves 4.

Family Pasta Duo $16.99
Family Pasta & Baked Duo $21.99
Family Baked Pasta $26.99
Top It (Italian Meatballs, Broccoli, Roasted Chicken or Italian Sausage) $2.49
Add It (Chocolate Chunk Cookies) 4 Pc. $3.99
Add It (Extra Breadsticks) 6 Pc. $1.99

Fazoli’s Classic Submarinos® Menu Price

Combo Meal Includes Small Drink & Side Salad or Pizza Slice

Fazoli’s® Original $6.99
Fazoli’s® Original – Combo $9.98
Turkey Club Italiano $6.99
Turkey Club Italiano – Combo $9.98
Smoked Turkey Basil $6.99
Smoked Turkey Basil – Combo $9.98
Ultimate Meatball Smasher $6.99
Ultimate Meatball Smasher – Combo $9.98

Fazoli’s Samplers Menu Price

Combo Meal Includes Small Drink & Side Salad or Pizza Slice

Classic Sampler $6.99
Classic Sampler – Combo $9.98
Ultimate Sampler $7.49
Spicy Sampler $7.49

Fazoli’s Kids Meals Menu Price

Included Apple Juice & Breadstick

Pasta & Sauce $3.99
Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) Slice $3.99
Ravioli $3.99
Apple Slices $0.99

Fazoli’s Drinks Menu Price

Italian Lemon Ice (Original, Strawberry or Blue Raspberry) Medium $2.09
Italian Lemon Ice (Original, Strawberry or Blue Raspberry) Large $2.49
Soft Drink Small $1.89
Soft Drink Medium $2.09
Soft Drink Large $2.39
Lemonade 1 Gallon $4.99
Iced Tea 1 Gallon $4.99
Iced Tea Small $1.89
Iced Tea Medium $2.09
Iced Tea Large $2.39
Dasani® Water Bottle $2.09
Milk (White or Chocolate) $0.99
Apple Juice $0.99

Fazoli’s Treats Menu Price

New York Style Cheesecake With Strawberry $2.99
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (Limited Time) $2.99
Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake (Limited Time) $2.99
Italian Donuts 6 Pc. $2.99
Chocolate Layer Cake $2.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.29

Fazoli’s Extras Menu Price

Signature Garlic Breadsticks 2 Pc. $0.99
Signature Garlic Breadsticks 12 Pc. $3.99

Fazoli’s History:

Fazoli’s is one of the finest fast and casual restaurant which is founded in 1988. Because of its Italian cuisines, its mostly like by the guests visited theirs. The different oven-baked pasta, including baked ziti, baked spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, penne with creamy basil chicken and penne Romano and so on.

So as per their success, they are including more dishes on their menu card and price list chart shown below. They had so many locations to visit for you to take experience So hurry to visit and make your day happy from happy meals. 

Fazoli’s Nearest Location:

If you are planning for an outing for any occasion or function you may arrange to visit your nearest location of Fazoli’s. How to find? Don’t worry I gave the link of the location which helps you to get the perfect address for your visit.

You just may enter by the city name, state name or Zip code and the nearest Fazoli restaurant shown in the map you may take the decision where you want to select. just click below link.

Fazoli’s Career:

You may make your career bright working with the fazoli’s. Fazoli’s Gives you an opportunity to get select of the biggest company at which required post given by them.

You may search online or open the link I have given below to get the perfect information about Fazoli’s Carrer option for applying requiring post with your qualification suits with it.

So Open up the link here – Fazoli’s Career Information Link

Fazoli’s  Catering Facility:

If you planning catering for your any function you may try the best catering facility providing by Fazoli’s. Its latest menu with the price update. You would love to order but before 24 hours you need to book.

You may get Catering delivery details but minimum order $150 acceptable and you need to inform the exact ratio of the persons and address of catering. Because of all the locations, it may be not to deliver by them. So kindly check the location of your’s where you want to place your order. Click the below link.

Fizoli’s Catering Facility

Fazoli’s Franchise:

If you wanted to take the franchise in your city or state you can contact us for the business purpose. It will simply profitable for you. Here we are seeking a new franchisee to develop and progress in the multiple levels So please consider and contact us to get the franchise. For the franchise, information click below link.

Fazoli’s Franchise Link

Fazoli’s Customer Feedback:

Fazoli’s have one and the only motto is to be served flavourful food which guests will enjoy to get the different foods of taste. So that they used to fresh and tasty ingredients for making diffrent from others.

Customers always wanted new to eat so I trying to consider as per the guest choice and make changes in our menu and their prices. If you have any ideas you can share with us on our official site.

Fazoli’s Reference Link:




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